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The Garden


Welcome to the Garden at City Park

Enter the beautiful City Park garden...


Walk down the path for just a little bit...there you will find...


Come, sit down on a bench. Look around at the flowers and the trees around you. Butterflies are breezily fluttering by. Look over there--see that squirrel running up the tree!

Welcome to the Garden of City Park. Here is your own space, filled with the peace and tranquility of nature. When we suffer from isolation, making connections with people is difficult. However, when we come together with nature, we have a sense of oneness with our surroundings. The same is true of interacting with others. See the elderly man sitting over there. His eyes have seen this park change over the years. Think of how many people he's seen stroll through. Listen to the children laughing. There's not a sound more contagious than the sound of happy children. Look around and see the mothers, watching their children, without a care in the world. Are you feeling connected?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Look at the beautiful red roses, how they decorate the trellis. Take in the beauty of them. Allow all of your concentration to focus on one rose-- at this one point in time.  How is your breathing?  Take in a few, relaxing deep breaths.  As you inhale, think about the wonderful, floral smell tickling your senses.  Even close your eyes as you do.  See yourself sitting there, in the garden, connecting with life.  Now think.  Think of how happy and content you feel.  Think of how peaceful your spirit is now.  Just sit and enjoy this point in time, do not think on anything else...
Now open your eyes.  Look all around again.  You are here!  You've done it, and connected with your experience.  And you are so much better for it.  It's great to feel this good, isn't it?


As you stroll through the garden, stay in touch with the calm and peace that you are feeling.  And as you leave, take that feeling with you.  Remember the roses, and remember the breathing.  You can be in the garden at any time. 


One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. --William Shakespeare