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Welcome to City Park Online!

Welcome to City Park Online! This site is designed for anyone who struggles with isolation. It is called City Park because this is to be a safe, calm, happy place where you can find many people, nature, and serene settings.

If you are suffering from agoraphobia, social phobia, depression, an eating disorder,PTSD, are in an abusive relationship, or any other problem which causes isolation, separation from other people and the world is common. As many of us know, we do not desire it. However, it happens, and it is very difficult to deal with.

City Park Online is designed to help you connect with others, to find a serene spot in the great big World Wide Web, and to allow you to see the world that is out there. Please stop and enjoy the pages. We are in the building process, so please be patient. Feel free to contact us with ideas and support. Thank you, and enjoy your stay at City Park.


Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.  We need hours of aimless wandering or spates of time sitting on park benches, observing the mysterious world of ants and the canopy of treetops.
                                  --Maya Angelou (b. 1928)
                                   American writer and

Proud recipient of the


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--In Memoriam--
CityParkOnline carries out its work of helping those living in isolation in memory of a very special young lady, LeeAnn.  LeeAnn made a great impact on her time on this earth.  Even though her time was shorter than most, she lived a wonderful life.  LeeAnn would want those suffering from mental disorders to regain control of their lives, and that is why we honor her.

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Please use our Site Map to best determine how we can best help you here at CityParkOnline.

It's that time of year again.  The warm breezes of summer are now gently blowing in some cooler changes.  It's the time of year to enjoy nature, and find some calming, changing beauty in your life.   That's right, it's autumn!  We are headed into our third year now serving Internet users.  We are glad to help those in isolation connect with others, find information, and find some beauty that they might have a hard time finding.  Enjoy our favorite pages--An Autumn Day and Another Autumn Day are back for your viewing pleasure. 
We are also asking you for your help in a very important project.  Please go to the Bulletin Board to find out how you can be an integral part of this site, and helping others to find crucial information.

Our visitors are very important to us.  We are here to serve, and one of the best ways we can do that is to find out what your needs are.  That's why we've created Park Poll.  It's a great new way to express your thoughts about what's of concern to you.  And it's fun, too!  Please vote in our Park Poll.

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