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Drive down the road and enter...AUTUMN!


  The lazy, hazy days of summer are gone.  Gone are the picnics, fireflies, baseball games in the park.  Welcome the cooler air and gentle breezes of fall.  Friendly games of ball in the park are replaced by fun hayrides through the woods.


Autumn has a "crisp moodiness"--for every day with blue skies and sunshine, portrayed on this peaceful lake, there are cloudy, brisk, windy days.  Loving a cloudy day?  Of course you can!  Let the chill breeze through your body--no more summer heat.  Days strolling through the park can't be beat!


Take a slow, peaceful country drive, and you will escape to fall's beauty.  Stop along the road, just by that wooden fence.  Gaze up at the trees around you.

Beautiful Trees


Beautiful Colorado aspens show off the season's most deep oranges and browns...


And these stunning maples show off the very best of the reds and yellows--just vibrant.


Enjoy a calm, spiritual, fulfilling autumn moment...


Country scenery and autumn blend beautifully.  What is more breathtaking than a beautiful country mill, surrounded by all of fall's best colors...


And so the leaves change...
Tall, willowing trees with long green arms now give way to the most vibrant of colors.  Rich reds, bright yellows, robust oranges, and mahogany browns adorn the trees.  Soon enough, they will adorn the ground.  They glide nicely on a cool, Canadian breeze.


Breathe in the clean, crisp air...Let your mind float away for a the pumpkin pie waiting at home, the hayride this weekend...


At the end of a perfect fall day, the twlight and evening still hold steady the richness of fall's treasures. Beautiful red and orange trees shine through the darkness.  Also, the beautiful night sky provides a lovely backdrop for the pretty trees.

And once you have gone to bed underneath all of the autumn stars, you can do it all over again!  Enjoy Another Autumn Day.