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It's our favorite time of year again!  The leaves are falling, the air is cooling, and it's autumn!  We are especially excited, because it marks the end of 3 successful years of helping Internet users find connections to other people, education, and resources.   We hope to continue our hard work and help for others.
Our beautiful fall pages, An Autumn Day and Another Autumn Day are back.  Take a few moments to enjoy the calming music, the beautiful pictures, and for a moment or two, be taken away to another place. 
If you have a desire to help others in your situation, please consider volunteering here at CityParkOnline.  We have been trying to build a resource center.  This resource center would include links to national organizations, and local therapists and treatment centers.  It is almost an impossible task, as we have been working all summer, and nowhere near done. 
You can volunteer as little or much as you want.  Even if you could donate a half an hour to searching for resources, and helping us out, we would greatly appreciate it.  All of your hard work will be acknowledged publicly on the pages, and the benefits of giving back are their own reward.  Would you please consider helping?  If you would like to help us, please send an email to  We can't do it without you!

Do you feel your voice is being heard?  What would you like to say?  We know that living with mental illness or disabilities is challenging.  We also want to know what is important to you, and know that your opinions are valued.  That is why we started our City Park Poll.  Questions are posed about mental health issues, and you are given many options to vote on.  So, click on the link below, it's as easy as that, and make your voice heard!

CityParkOnline's mission is to help others--particularly those suffering from isolation in its many forms.  If you are a visitor, and did not find what you needed here, we would kindly ask you to drop us a line.  Also, if you feel that we have overlooked a particular disorder or issue that you struggle with, we would like to know how we could integrate that into our site.  We are particularly interested in how people with addiction issues, personality disorders, and other issues feel about our site.   If you feel that we should include these issues in our site, or have an issue you would like, please send us suggestions.  Remember, this is all about you!  You can even assist us in the process.  Please drop us a line:

Moss phlox

We have built CityParkOnline for you, our visitors.  We want you to find connections in this world.  But, we also feel healing from your problems requires a little bit of you!  That's why CityParkOnline wants to recruit you!  There is plenty of problems to be shared, burdens to be lifted, and input from you!  We have a private online community, and opportunities for you to contribute to this site.  Breezy Corner, our members-input area, is a place for you to express yourself.  If you want to make friends, and be a friend, be a part of the online community.  It's fun, too!  We have interactive polls, message boards, live chats, and plenty of other fun things to keep you busy!  Please be a part of the community!  Simply e-mail us:



I had the idea for CityParkOnline, inspired by the Use Your Life campaign on the Oprah Winfrey show.  I am suffering from a form of isolation, and since I can't do much on the outside, I figured I would work from the inside.  I had an idea that I would give people who are suffering from isolation a fun site to visit.  I wanted to take you to the world that you feel  so distant from sometimes.
This site was truly a labor of love.  I enjoyed every second of it.  I did all of the research myself, searching many different engines for what I thought were the best sites, the best pictures, and the like.  Being a visual person, I started enjoying the pictures so much, I decided to add several pages.  I want to take you on visual tours where you cannot be physically.
When I thought about the mission of CityParkOnline, I tried to sum up what it was all about.  And this is what I have found.  CityParkOnline is:
YOUR World
YOUR Friends
I started to add different picture galleries.  I originally had the Garden as the only picture gallery, but I enjoyed creating different parts of nature that you can enjoy.  These will continue to evolve.  I also plan on updating the Geocities links and information pages, so that I can list more information, and take up less space.
So, enjoy CityParkOnline, and please join us in our private online community.  We would love to have you.  All we require is that you are suffering from a form of isolation, or have someone you love who you want to help.  We are here to MAKE CONNECTIONS!
See the e-mail link at the bottom of this page to contact us.



--In Memoriam--
CityParkOnline carries out its work of helping those living in isolation in memory of a very special young lady, LeeAnn.  LeeAnn made a great impact on her time on this earth.  Even though her time was shorter than most, she lived a wonderful life.  LeeAnn would want those suffering from mental disorders to regain control of their lives, and that is why we honor her.

Contact us with your ideas at: