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An Autumn Day
Another Autumn Day
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Autumn is so contagious, we had to add another page!


Come, stroll through City Park.  You are guaranteed to find many fall colors, leaves in rich reds, yellows, oranges, and browns.


CityPark demonstrates the richness of autumn.  Stroll through the park, and you are bound to find many tokens of fall's beauty.  Come, let's walk down this path...


Some of the best shades of autumn--rich browns, deep oranges, vibrant yellows, and even plum come together for a fantastic field of trees.  Which color is your favorite?


What does fall mean to you?

For many people, fall is an exciting time.  A time to put away the heat of summer, and yet enjoy nature in all its glory.  It can represent a new beginning.  September holds the record for most birthdays--perhaps a new life, or a new chapter of life, is starting for you!



Use autumn as a venturing out time in your life.  Dare to connect with others--connecting with nature is a great start.


A more laid back time...summer is busy with vacations, picnics, sporting events.  Autumn is a time which has its own excitement--hayrides, high school football games, long foliage tours, yet it's different.  It is laid back, relaxing, and fun.  What is your favorite autumn activity?


Spend time on a quiet farm.  Take a ride, and stop by a  country stand.  Buy some pie, fresh corn, some gourds, and of course, some pumpkins!


And when your beautiful autumn day in the country is all over, cross over the scenic bridge back into your quiet little town, and take with you all the beauty of the day.

Enjoy these wonderful months of autumn!