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Let's Connect!

Here's where you can find some great links to the world! There are three types of lists: geographical, chatrooms, and pen pal services. If you have any that you know would be beneficial to our visitors, please contact us and we will be more than happy to list the information.



Chatroom Links

Here are links which will link you to many different chat rooms. The chatrooms are pertinent to the issues addressed on this board. Also, you will find some general links to chat on a variety of topics. Click below, friends are waiting!

Click here for issues-oriented chats

Click here for general chatrooms


Geographical Links

Here are some great web cams and virtual tour sites that will help you stay connected and give you a look at every place under the sun!

Below are links to webcam directories. These are a sample of many webcam directories on the World Wide Web. You will be guaranteed to find at least 10,000 links! Go right ahead! The world is waiting!

Click here for webcam directories

Click here for virtual tours


Pen Pal Information

These links are to hook you up with some pen pals. There are links for pen pals dealing with the specific issues of this site, and also general information pals. Click below, there are plenty of people waiting to meet you!

Click here for issues-oriented pen pals

Click here for general penpal links


We have created this area for you because we know that the Internet can be a great place to connect with others who share your situations. However, since we are not face-to-face, certain situations require using good common sense and safety tips. When utilizing chat rooms, message boards, and pen pals, please keep in mind the following:

1.) Don't give out your name unless you feel comfortable doing so.

2.) Allow time for relationships to develop before getting involved--this can relate to talking on the telephone, and especially emotional involvement. When we feel isolated and alone, we are more vulnerable. Please do not let that cloud common sense.

3.) Never give out any personal information, such as address, phone number, or Social Security information.

4.) If you have children, protect their privacy, too. Only give names and information about children if you feel safe doing so.

5.) Keep in mind with chatrooms, many are able to trace users, especially in the IRC format. If you do not want people tracing your ISP number, use your better judgement.

6.) If you decide to meet a friend in public, never meet alone. Take someone with you, and meet in a very public place.

These tips should help you on your way to online safety.

Contact us with your favorite sites at:

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