The Dock
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Welcome to the Dock!


Welcome to the dock! We are glad to have you join us for the afternoon. Find a spot on the dock, sit back on your chair, and breeze the afternoon away...


Imagine sitting peacefully by the waters, a gentle breeze blowing. Seagulls chatter amiably above you, fisherman bringing back their tasty catch of the day. The wharf is filled with happy, calm people, relaxing, taking it back a pace. This is the dock--a place of quietness, serenity, and peace. Enjoy the peace, take in the fresh, salty air. Listen to the waters flow softly back and forth.


As the day turns into night, sit by the waters and watch. The blue of the daytime sky slowly turns into rich reds, oranges, yellows, and purples. Slowly, lights start to illuminate the small wharf. How about a wonderful seafood dinner at the cozy inn?


If you prefer to spend the last hours of twilight on land, slip away to this quiet cove and breathe in the sunset...
If you've ever wondered what was underneath all the calming waters, give a click


Docks are a wonderful place--both a place of arrival, and a place of departure. An arrival from a rest, an afternoon away from all your troubles, or from a distant place. Docks are especially a place of departure. To sail from port to port, taking a tour, seeing all there is to see. They are also a place to sail on to a different port in life. Docks are a chance to sail away from a place, to start a new life. In your life, would you like to sail away from something? You can--just simply drift off into the sunset...


And there will be times to look back to the strength of the land, to the tower that stands out--the lighthouse. Sometimes, we feel adrift when we set sail. Remember, the lighthouse is always on the shore. Who, or what, is your lighthouse? That steady force, the light in the darkness, that thing which keeps you feeling grounded. Keep your eyes on the lighthouse.


Sail off into the sunset...